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This is a new pilot project I am starting. The goal is to have a popular channel with people always watching and people always streaming!
I figured this just might appeal to some Touhou fans out there! The Stream link is on the right hand side and there`s a poll there as well asking what kind of content should be streamed! Also there is now an events list on the bottom for planned streams! (It auto formats in caps so don't look at me. -__-)
Have fun and don`t forget to leave feedback!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Channel is verified finally!

Here's an e-mail I not even just got.

Livestream Free Channel Verification Application Approved

Congratulations, TouhouGaming is verified!

Effective immediately, you can now stream to unlimited concurrent viewers. In addition, your Livestream Free channel is now listed at livestream.com and is available via search or by browsing the Channel Guide. Plus, your channel is now eligible for promotion in throughout the Livestream Network.

Please keep us posted about future events and broadcasts you have planned, either by entering them into the event tool in the Livestream Studio, or by emailing us at events@livestream.com

We appreciate your choice to use Livestream and hope you continue to have a positive experience.

Thank you.

— The Livestream Team

Wewt! This means the viewer limit is gone! Can't seem to find it by searching yet however. :(

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Channel isn't verified... yet.

Here's an e-mail I just got.

Unfortunately, we cannot approve your application at this time, due to the following issues:
New, inactive or small channel:
The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough to meet livestream.com publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to re-submit when your channel grows.
To re-submit your application, please address any issues above before following the verification link from your 'My Channels' page. In the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy the Livestream Free service for your unverified channel.

Really I think we need more recorded content, and that means more streaming to get it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need feedback

I need some feedback. How is this idea? What should be streamed? When should it be streamed?

Blog is up!

Channel was just created! Hopefully it becomes big!