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This is a new pilot project I am starting. The goal is to have a popular channel with people always watching and people always streaming!
I figured this just might appeal to some Touhou fans out there! The Stream link is on the right hand side and there`s a poll there as well asking what kind of content should be streamed! Also there is now an events list on the bottom for planned streams! (It auto formats in caps so don't look at me. -__-)
Have fun and don`t forget to leave feedback!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Social issues

Sigh, raak here.

I'll be blunt. This channel is right now a little... tight. DDRMANIAC is out of commission, ryath is nowhere to be found, and right now I'm a little tight in life and probably will be until July 28.

We cannot add more streamers since DDR is the only one with that privilege and I cannot take care of things alone. I'll try to occasionally stream something, but otherwise this channel is in a hiatus. Sorry for the inconveniences

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quick Announcement

Ryath will, apparently, be broadcasting June 28, 2010. Here is his exact announcement:

Touhou gameplay 28/06/10 @ 2:30PM (UTC -07:00) streamer: Ryath

What will he broadcast? No idea.

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Announcements

Hey there. Raak here.

Let's make this quick:

- First of all, report on the Touhouvania broadcast: Five people showed up. Not a particularly great number, but I have to admit, an improvement on last time. But doesn't hold a candle to Mystical Chain's 20s...

- It came to my attention that one of my viewers only discovered about the stream because he happened to stumble upon the announcement in my Youtube channel and that he
didn't came for the Patchcon broadcast because he didn't checked my channel back then. So new method of announcing: I will be posting a video on my Youtube Channel announcing future broadcasts. Also, maybe work with the RSS feeds, although I have no idea how those works =s

- I'm taking ideas for future broadcasts. I'm running out of them. Please submit the ideas either here, my comment section in my YT channel, or the topics in the forums. Avoid leaving a message in the chat on the stream, since that gets cleanup every now and then.

That's all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Announcements (said raak)

'Sup all :D

Raak here, with some announcements to make.

1) As you probably know, DDR is out of commission for the time being due to... issues. You can check his Youtube Channel for more information. Therefore, me and ryath will be taking care of the channel until his triumphant return.

2)Now, the channel still has health problems when it comes to viewers. I'm trying to personally add my grain of salt and broadcast something every Wednesday or Thursday at 9 pm, since those are the days I have at my disposal. I cannot tlk for the others, but personally I'm trying my best to announce when and what I will be streaming in several places:
  • My Youtube Channel. If you are subscribed, you should receive a notice in your recent activities modules in your channel a few days prior the stream.
  • Both Doujinstyle's and Shrinemaiden's forums, in the stream's topics in "Touhou Project General Chat" and "Help me, Eirin" subforums, respectively.
  • The scrolling banner seen in the video in the stream.
  • I'll try to update the blog Saturdays and Sundays, so check Mondays to see if anything is new. If nothing is new, don't expect an update.
Other than those, I don't know where else to put it. It would help if you people spread the voice.

3) The channel is in dire need of streamers. Right now, since DDR is unavailable and ryath... I don't know, I'm the only one streaming stuff. Unfortunately, given DDR absence, there is no way to add new new members to the stream. Just saying it, since I would be helpful.

4) Last but not least, I'm taking ideas on what to stream, add to the autopilot, any ideas to make the stream better. I suggested DDR that we make several storyboards (groups of videos) with different thematics so that we can swap them periodically and make the autopilot more dynamic. I would like some feedback on this idea.

Well, that's all for me to announce. Remember, this Thursday, 9:00 Atlantic time GMT-4:
Let's Play Touhouvania.
Hope to see you there :)