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Friday, June 18, 2010

More Announcements

Hey there. Raak here.

Let's make this quick:

- First of all, report on the Touhouvania broadcast: Five people showed up. Not a particularly great number, but I have to admit, an improvement on last time. But doesn't hold a candle to Mystical Chain's 20s...

- It came to my attention that one of my viewers only discovered about the stream because he happened to stumble upon the announcement in my Youtube channel and that he
didn't came for the Patchcon broadcast because he didn't checked my channel back then. So new method of announcing: I will be posting a video on my Youtube Channel announcing future broadcasts. Also, maybe work with the RSS feeds, although I have no idea how those works =s

- I'm taking ideas for future broadcasts. I'm running out of them. Please submit the ideas either here, my comment section in my YT channel, or the topics in the forums. Avoid leaving a message in the chat on the stream, since that gets cleanup every now and then.

That's all.

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